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Language learning tendencies - Curiosity, Simulation and Practice Pedagogy of Language || Factors influencing language development

(1) Language learning tendencies- Language learning has some tendencies like-
(i) Curiosity
(ii) Simulation and
(iii) Practice

A teacher needs to know whether a child possesses the above mentioned things i.e. curiosity, imitation ability and practise. If a child does not have curiosity, then the teacher has to awaken curiosity in that child. That is, the teacher has to prepare for learning through such means as games, activities etc.

(2) Assessment of the child's prior language knowledge - Before teaching a language to the child, it must be seen that it is 'standard language' What is the prior knowledge? When the teacher sees that how much knowledge is there in the child, on that basis, let him have further knowledge.

(3) Creating attachment to school- It is impossible to impart language knowledge to a child without attachment to school. Therefore, the teacher should do something so that the child's mind gets engaged in the school. A child's mind can be engaged in school only when the teacher makes an intimate and loving relationship with the child.

(4) Encouraging the child - It is very important to encourage the child to learn language. When the child says something or tries to say something, it is very important to encourage him.

(5) Enjoyable Games and Activities - To teach language to a child, the teacher should organize enjoyable activities and games. Children like to play games more. Teachers can teach children many words of the language through games or activities. Through activities the teacher should first teach letters, words then sentences.

(6) Teacher's Presentation and Expression- Teaching language to children depends on the teacher's expression and presentation. If the teacher is unable to teach the children in a clear, simple, understandable and succinct manner, the speed cannot be accelerated in teaching the language to the children. Therefore, the teacher's expression and presentation should be excellent.

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What are language and mother tongue? Definitions

Factors influencing language development of a child -

(1) Child's family
(2) Environment of the child
(3) Speech defects of the child such as shouting, twitching
(4) Attitude and habits of the child - such as speaking less
(5) Health of the child
(6) Emotionality of the child
(7) IQ and mental superiority of the child
(8) School and teacher

Methods that a teacher can adopt to teach language-

Although children acquire the knowledge of language only by imitation, but knowledge of every language cannot be learned by imitation because not every language is spoken in the child's family or environment. Often the mother tongue of the child is spoken in the family and one of the standard languages ​​like Hindi, Marathi, Urdu or English is spoken in the school. In such a situation, the child is able to acquire knowledge of those languages ​​which are spoken to him in his environment only by imitation.

In the schools of most of the states of the country, Hindi is the standard language used in teaching work or in communicating one's feelings. Therefore, it is necessary for the child to have knowledge of English, Urdu or Sanskrit along with Hindi by a teacher. Since the child comes to school in the beginning, he is only acquainted with his mother tongue. Therefore, it is also necessary for the teacher to make him aware of Hindi language.

Use of games and activities to teach language

(1) Playing - In the beginning the teacher should play some game. The game should be such that the child needs to speak. Therefore, through such games, children will know about words and sentences. For example the game of 'river and mountain' in which children are required to play by speaking. As children say "Dropping clothes in your river" or your "cutting the wood of the mountain" how many words can children learn from these sentences. There are other similar 'games' through which children can be taught language.

(2) Activities - Activities are the most powerful means of imparting language knowledge to children. There are a variety of activities to teach a language. Like - Tell me who am I?, Look at Pictures and Say Names, Listen and Repeat, Introduction, Miscellaneous Play, Story, Poem or Song, Drama, Narration (Event/Object/Situation) Brainstorming Discussion or Debate, Picture Cards etc. are useful for class I and II. Similarly, in class 3rd, 4th and 5th, apart from the above activities, it is easy to teach language by doing activities in synonyms, antonyms, synonyms etc.

हिंदी में जानकारी पढ़ने के लिए नीचे के लिंक पर क्लिक करें।
1. भाषा सीखना और ग्रहणशीलता - भाषा और मातृभाषा क्या हैं? परिभाषाएँ
2. भाषा शिक्षा शास्त्र, बालकों को भाषा सिखाने हेतु महत्वपूर्ण तथ्य

I hope the above information will be useful and important.
(आशा है, उपरोक्त जानकारी उपयोगी एवं महत्वपूर्ण होगी।)
Thank you.
R F Temre

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(संबंधित जानकारी के लिए नीचे दिये गए विडियो को देखें।)
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